Orchestrated by adept technical architects with over fifty years of applied expertise, KYNITE is an advanced technology company specializing in the disciplines of: Blockchain, Cloud Services, Big Data & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise, Staff Augmentation and Managed Services.

KYNITE is an American based company headquartered in the State of Texas in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

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Kynite Solutions

Project & Program Execution Expertise


Are you interested in the advantages of Blockchain technology?  KYNITE is an industry leader in Blockchain solutions and an avid believer in the strengths of security and proficiency it offers. We are multi Blockchain fabric experienced and multi disciplined in the associated development tools available. Leaning on the fence about Blockchain? For a minimal investment we can take your valid use case and demonstrate a working solution in one business week through our advanced Blockchain lab. If this should convince you to proceed forward we will credit that investment to the overall project.

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Enterprise Integration Services


Our expertise and pragmatic approach to Cloud based requirements have been demonstrably proven to execute the needs of our clients.  Be it public, private or hybrid Cloud competencies, KYNITE can architect and design a solution to fit your needs.  Our prebuilt kits and tools allow us to assess, manage and migrate more rapidly and more effectively than our competitors.

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Data Science & Analytics Services

Big Data & Analytics

KYNITE provides the expertise to architect a framework to allow you to store and normalize your Big Data. In addition to this KYNITE offers the most important piece of the puzzle and the sole reason why you would want to endeavor utilizing your Big Data - Analytics.

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Cloud Expertise

Artificial Intelligence

Imagine having an intuitive and simple interface that could integrate with disparate applications. What advantages can be gained from your employees saving an absurd amount of combined administrative time navigating these systems? How about your clients? Imagine the customer experience they would gain from that same interface. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is redefining our challenges with an ever growing list of marketed applications. KYNITE has a solution for you. Let us show you our advanced AI BOT utilizing neural networks to learn and become more efficient.

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Enterprise Integration Services


KYNITE offers a plethora of Enterprise services as an outcome of multiple technical proficiencies in concert with many years of practical experience. We categorize these services into three main Enterprise specialties: Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Integration Services and Identity and Access Management.

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Solution Architecture Expertise

Staff Augmentation

As an inherited skill we offer best-of-breed staff augmentation. KYNITE recruiters are technically trained and well versed in procuring the ideal candidate(s) and offer a three business day turnaround from engagement with the client to submission of the preferred candidate(s). As an added value proposition an expert in client relations will be assigned to your account to ensure you're satisfied.

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Futuristic Technologies or Strategic Investments

Managed Services

The need for a 24/7 operation can be costly. Nightshift premiums, weekend premiums and the added expense of electricity can seriously impact your bottom line. KYNITE has integrated an offshore team of talented technical personnel who can remove the unnecessary added costs to your operations by providing Managed Services. We offer a diverse list of services to offset your in-house requirements for off hours and/or weekends.

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