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Artificial Intelligence

Link to Artificial Intelligence Simplified Video

The dictionary defines Artificial Intelligence(AI) as the following “the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.”

Common examples we use today are GPS, Smart assistants like Alexa, Echo and Cortana(Amazon, Google and Microsoft) and an abundance of online social sites/shopping sites. AI has become an integral part of our lives and in cases where our lives matter, such as airplane auto pilot and self driving cars, we trust the technology because it was created by us.

AI has helped us significantly reduce, if not eliminate tasks that would have taken up our valuable time so that we can have more time to explore and release one very special gift we’ve been given - to be creative.

Chat bots are used extensively today to provide increased customer satisfaction via rapid response time and accurate responses to our needs(ideally).  They ultimately increase your ROI due to decreased labor costs, customer loyalty and an advantageous position to expand your client base.  Sadly, the experience of these advantages are not widespread.  Poor quality in AI design and implementation will have an adverse impact on your organization.

KYNITE has the solution!

We employ neural networks to deliver advanced AI BOTs that will take the user experience to a heightened level of satisfaction.  We understand your goal is to provide a better experience for your clients and/or employees and we invite you to see our competitive solution for your needs.

Get it Done Right!  Call KYNITE.

AI technical services offered:

  • NLU/ NLP - converse using natural language
  • Intelligent bots - intent, context and action based conversation
  • AI Applications - customer support, human resources, sales & marketing
  • 3rd party integrations

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