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Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

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The term Cloud is really just a metaphor for the Internet.  In essence it can be perceived of as your Enterprise model physically located elsewhere but virtually still in your possession.

So why on earth are so many companies electing to migrate to Cloud based services?  Every company probably has their own unique reasons, however, KYNITE endorses these five reasons as being prominent:

  1. Cost Effective:  Reduce the costs of hardware, software, office space and on-site resources.
  2. Pay by Use Software:  Utilizing Cloud based programs and applications can eliminate heavy upfront costs and allow you to scale your business as the need arises.
  3. Employee Flexibility:  If you have an Internet connection you can easily work from anywhere.  Huge savings are being had in remote based employees with the personal advantage of allowing a better work-life balance.
  4. Teamwork:  The nature of these Cloud applications allow remote teams of employees to easily work together and communicate effectively resulting in better performance.
  5. Disaster Recovery:  Physical security of Cloud-based  facilities are most likely much better than your own and will usually offer Standby measures just in case.

KYNITE has substantial expertise in the major Cloud based providers (Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform).

Although we’ve made it sound like you should jump aboard the Cloud Ship, it is not a straight forward decision.  An ill planned Cloud migration can be detrimental to your Enteprise.

Get it Done Right!  Call KYNITE.

Cloud technical services offered:

  • Cloud Transition Framework
  • Cloud Migration
  • Infrastucture Services
  • DevSecOps
  • Cloud Cost Management & Optimization

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