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Enterprise Integration Services

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Enterprise Integration Services

Too many companies today face an undesirable situation in their enterprise architecture.  Legacy systems, new systems and varying applications are difficult to manage and can become increasingly difficult to navigate.  Enterprise Integration Services presents the means to address this situation.

To effectively solve this, KYNITE employs a proven methodology known as Service Oriented Architecture(SOA).  SOA is an approach to systems architecture to deliver seamless cross platform integration.  It’s used to integrate divergent components with a common interface and protocols so they can communicate together.

The advantages attained by completing such an undertaking are as follows:  service re-usability,  easy service maintenance, reliability, availability, scalability, high-quality services, platform independence and increased productivity.

This is one critical area of Enterprise related projects you do not want to make mistakes in.

Get it Done Right! Call KYNITE.

Enterprise Integration Services Offered:

  • SOA Architecture
  • SOA Realization
  • SOA Governance

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